" Ensure Fundamental Rights from Womb to Tomb "

Since 1971, the founder of this organization has been involved in volunteer community services to help the needy poor and to build a happy community.  Understanding that one cannot do everything alone, he joined several international volunteer organizations in higher positions. Each of them had their own limitations & agenda. As the other volunteer organizations concentrated on a particular subject, with varied experiences from 1971 till 2017,  felt that he should establish our own local volunteer organization covering all the rights of all the individuals,  and to concentrate entirely on the community of Sri Lanka, Lanka Fundamental Rights Organization was founded.







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Our world-class experts. Your child’s care team
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Our world-class experts. Your child’s care team

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with kind hearted people. We are always known for our hospitality. Poverty is a major setback in developing countries. The community feels that if they have more children, during their old age, that they will have the support of their children. They do not understand that they cannot provide proper education, health benefits, food & clothing for their children with the small income they get. Finally they end up with poverty. More people means need for more food, more water, more sanitation facilities, more waste, more jobs, more houses, etc. Just trying to end only poverty will not have any results. Therefore our concentration is on health, education and wealth which covers all the fundamental rights and the poverty would be eliminated.

The second more serious issue our people are facing is that they are lacking in financial literacy. We have big gap between print literacy and financial literacy and likewise we have only a few industrialists compared to a larger percentage of employees and with this the country’s economy will not grow. We will educate and promote social enterprises in every village so that we will have a balanced employers and employees to improve the country’s economy.

The Politicians take the advantage of poor financial literary among the community who look for quick benefits such as salary increase, reduction of prices of goods, etc., which is the shortest way to get the vote, but after it is fulfilled to the voters, on a longer period, the country’s economy suffers a lot with these quick short sighted implementations. You cannot blame the politicians as they too do not understand this impact which the voters trap them.


LFRO is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice. We place special emphasis on investing in education, health, social enterprises, environment and children & elders because our founder’s  seven decades of experience show that whole communities benefits .

2019 was heralded as the Year of the beginning of a new year, with our movement, activists and leaders indelibly shaping the community  in powerful and catalytic ways. In 2019, LFRO worked in 25 Districts and reached about one million people through 163 projects.  LFRO looks forward to continuing this work to ensure that 2020 is another year of humanitarian success — because we know that this can help ensure that we overcome poverty for everyone.

If a person is healthy, he will be happy and will not need money for medicines and special food, and he could concentrate on studies. Once he is educated, he will know what is good and what is bad. These two are not really enough for a person to be happy. You need wealth, and this could be obtained through employment, self-employment and getting involved with the Social Enterprises. When they are healthy, educated and wealthy, they will not get involved in any crime as they know the punishment.

For instance, my parents took care for my health ( which includes food) and schooling. I studied well, worked for some organizations and then started my own business, and now I spend my extra income for the poor. Like my parents, Lanka Fundamental Rights Organization takes care of you, and why can’t you prosper in life and be an example to the community.

 Thank you.